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With job lenghts constantly getting shorter, we believe todays flexible packaging market is strongly defined by setup times. And in every minute of setup, your machine is not productive. Thats's why, one of our goals as a producer of printing machines is, to empower you as our customer to maximize your PRODUCTIVITY and therefore your success. With that in mind, we created marvelous automation solutions like ARUN and ACHANGE, to help reduce your setup times and waste. We’re proud to offer you the most productive flexo presses in the market.

Your benefit: Being as productive and successful as possible


Our goal is to solve existing problems in flexographic printing like the issues of bounce, stability and poor drying. Striving for HIGHEST PRINT QUALITY, we’re convinced, this goal is only achievable, when every press component contributes to that. That’s why we decided to produce the key parts of our machines in our own internal manufacturing department and consequently have full control over their quality. Our machines enable you to achieve the best print results independently of speed and design difficulty.

Your benefit: Impress your customers with the best print results in the industry.


We are driven to understand the individual needs of our customers. Therefore at the beginning of every project we first listen to your requirements. Our Products adapt to your needs and not the other way around. We design the machine, we create the software, we manufacture the parts, we assemble, test, install and then support with service.

Your benefit: An individual printing solution that fits your specific needs.


Quality without compromise

Allstein Hydro models are the perfect solution for the demanding printer, whether for printing on flexible materials, hygienic materials, non-woven or pre-printed linerboard.

The design of our CI Flexo Printing Machines is an extension of the rich practical experience of our founders in the design, performance and service of existing printing machines, proven technology from the machine tool industry, together with innovations to improve operator handling and massively reduce changeover times.

Every aspect of our equipment is based on extensive time studies to eliminate wasted operator effort, superfluous motion, and unnecessary labor to deliver the industry’s fastest, and easiest changeovers with the least amount of waste in today’s demanding packaging market.

Machine specifications for your industry

Allstein Sprint

No of Colors 8
Print width 850–1250 [mm]
33,5–49 [inch]
Repeat Range 300–800 [mm]
12–31,5 [inch]
Speed 400 [m/min]
1300 [ft/min]

Allstein HYDRO

No of Colors 8 or 10
Print width 1250–1850 [mm]
49–73 [inch]
Repeat Range 360–1400 [mm]
14–55 [inch]
Speed 400–800 [m/min]
1300–2620 [ft/min]

Allstein HYDRO XL

No of Colors 10
Print width 1650–2250 [mm]
65–88 [inch]
Repeat Range 520-1100 [mm]
20-43 [inch]
Speed 600–800 [m/min]
2000–2620 [ft/min]

Allstein HYDRO

No of Colors 8
Print width 2150–2750 [mm]
85–108 [inch]
Repeat Range 820–2150 [mm]
32–85 [inch]
Speed 400-600 [m/min]
1300-2000 [ft/min]

Defining new limits

We at Allstein live from disruptive, groundbreaking innovations, constantly questioning the status quo in flexographic printing and thus constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our claim is to always deliver the highest quality; we make no compromises in this respect and therefore still produce all important product components ourselves.
We place great value on a trusting relationship with our customers and business partners, discussing the tasks in an open and respectful manner and thus always finding the best possible solution together. Passion, respect and credibility determine our actions.

Technology leadership is the result! Everyone can see this at our production site in Herford in the heart of Germany.


Become part of Allstein

Our claim to be the leader in technology and service, sets ourselves ambitious goals. In order to meet them and thus to continue to be successful in the future, we must deliver top performance every day. Allstein provides a motivating environment which enables innovative and creative thinking. You determine your individual development and can explore your career path yourself. Realize your ideas with us – we give you the freedom to do so and are at your side to support you. Please contact us if you are interested in a career at Allstein.

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We are ready to help you

We look forward to see you at our headquarters in Herford or at your facility with one of our many representatives throughout the world.

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